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Cinnamon French Toast Coffee Bag

Cinnamon French Toast Coffee Bag

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Cinnamon French Toast


Description: There's something about putting the word "French" in front of "toast" that apparently makes an ordinary piece of bread "fancy." At least that's what your mom tried to convince you of when you were little, and still has you dragging yourself out to brunch after a long night out. That same boujee feeling is exactly what you'll get when you take one sip of our French Toast blend. With notes of maple, cinnamon, vanilla and hazelnut, it's velvety mouth feel and flavorful finish is perfect to enjoy from dusk until dawn. (Just like your mom... Sorry we couldn't help ourselves.)

The Perfect Cure for Hangovers.. and the Ordinary.

Tasting notes: maple syrup, cinnamon, whipped butter


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